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  • Ceramic dry inertia heater with glass front. Electronic control with LCD digital screen, 4 modes (comfort, normal, eco and frost protection), 3 pre-installed programs, Daily and daily programming, Open window detection, Overheating protection, 6-order pilot wire, Curved panel, New ERP(2015) /1188) Directive, Class II, IP20. CE/NF/RoHS/ERP standard. 2 year warranty

  • CHARACTERISTICS: Electric radiator with dry CERAMIC inertia 2000 W Heated volume: 30 m² LCD programming. New modern, sober and elegant design. White colour. Gentle heat. Heating core: ceramic elements. Radiator dimension: 99x13xH45cm

  • OPERATING PRINCIPLE: it is made up of a stone heated by a resistor which releases heat for several hours. The stone collects and accumulates the heat produced by the electrical resistors integrated into the material and releases it slowly. The thermal inertia power depends on the chosen material (ceramic, cast iron, etc.) and the volume of the heating core.

  • ADVANTAGES: Rapid rise in temperature, homogeneous heat, Best value for money, Consumes less energy compared to radiant radiators or radiant panels and continues to diffuse heat once switched off. More comfortable than the convector, gently adapts to the desired temperature. Heat radiation allows it to be installed in large rooms. The feeling of heat is soft and continuous.

  • INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: Easy installation with mounting bracket. Ideal in living rooms such as the living room or the children's room. Requires no maintenance. Automatic reset thermal safety device. Lockable wall mount. Fixing kit included. 2 years warranty. French company based in France. CE and NF standard.

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